The Best 5 Detox water – for a healthy and clear skin

        One of my favorite posts is the DIY ones, I think it is cool to make your own products at least you know from what it is made of, and today we’re going to talk about THE DETOX WATER.

       I’ve been trying the detox water method to clean my skin from inside out since last summer and let me tell you that it really works and my skin is more radiant and feels healthier than ever. In fact, it is all about what you eat, your skin reflects your eating regimen; for instance; if you eat oily and junk food your skin will look tired, you’ll have to deal with acne, blemishes, large pores and even wrinkles at a very young age, that’s why you really need to watch your eating habits and try to prepare more beneficial food, not only for being fit and losing weight but for the sake of your skin too. If you want me to give you some healthy recipes, let me know down in the comments.
Now, let’s start with our best 5 Detox water that I’m drinking to regenerate my skin.

best detox waters


Start your day with a warm lemon water- Always

Before starting a new day, drink a glass of warm lemon water. Lemon is known for being rich in vitamin C; it balances Ph level in your body, reduces skin inflammation and gives you a glowing skin. It is also good for your health as it purges all the toxins faster than any other way.

Cucumber, Lemon and mint detox water – a delicious combination

• Take one letter and a half of water
• Put one sliced cucumber
• Two slide pieces of lemon
• Some mint leafs
• Let it rest the whole night, and taste it tomorrow

The cucumber boosts hydration, reverses skin tanning, fights cellulite and treats open pores. Lemon is a great detoxer. And mint leafs are anti inflammatory and gives a refreshing taste.

Cucumber, watermelon and mint detox water – Yes I do love cucumber and mint

• Take one letter and a half of water
• Put one big sliced cucumber
• ½ sliced watermelon
• And a lot of mint leafs
• Always let it rest a whole night

 Watermelon is known as a good skin hydrator and moisturizer; it is also a natural toner that helps to refresh the skin and prevents it from aging and oil production.

Strawberry and mint detox water – The perfect combination

• Take one letter and a half of water
• Add 450g of strawberries sliced in two
• Fresh mint leafs

It is known that strawberries are so good for the skin as it contains quercetin and vitamin C; according to a study this components helps to calm inflammations. It contains also Alpha hydroxyl Acid that has the ability to eliminate dead skin and make it look smooth and stunning and helps to treat puffy eyes. Moreover, it prevents wrinkles and aging signs for a youthful look.

The 3 Citrus Detox water- for the lovers of acidity

• Take one sliced grapefruit
• Three sliced oranges
• One sliced lemon
• And one rosemary branch
• Put the all in one letter and a half of water

      Starting with grapefruit that has a lot of detoxifying and cleansing agents; it contains an amount of Vitamin C and A that are good for skin inflammations and protect the skin from environmental acuteness. It also stimulates the production of skin collagen that brings elasticity to the skin. In addition it protects against UV rays and aging spots. Orange, a great source of vitamin C can do wonders to your skin; first it treats dark spots and blemishes, second it treats acne by drying them away and eliminates toxins form the body, besides it whiting the skin and gets rid of sun marks and last but not least it fights extra sebum in the skin making it softer and tighter. What about the rosemary? It doesn’t only add a good taste to your detox water but also fights aging signs and acne and reduces puffy eyes.


How to make detox water?

        Of course the recipes I gave are only my own DIYs of detox water you can make your own infused water with you favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs just be sure to wash them with clear water.
After leaving your detox water resting all night, remove the infused ingredients before it decomposes.


What are the other benefits of detox water?

• Helps with weight loss
• Improve digestive health
• Improves energy levels
• Boosts Immune function
• Removes toxins
• Reduces hair loss



The detox water is not only beneficial for your skin it is a detoxifier for your whole body, so be sure to add this to your daily routine and remember: Never forget to drink regular water.

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