Best Tea Tree Oil 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Since forever, people are facing different skin problems such as acne, mold and mildew, lice, dandruff, rashes and many other infections, that make them feel insecure about themselves. And this has increased because of the climatic change, allergies caused by bacteria and germs. That’s why today, we’re going to introduce you to a miracle treatment that will relieve you from this pain; The Tea Tree Oil, it is made from leaves of the Melaleuca tree, it was used in traditional medicine for his antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It is a must have in every home medicine cabinet or first-aid kit.

Best Tea Tree Oil

When you look after the Tea Tree Oil, you’ll find various and uncountable brands, but what makes the product different and more effective is the active ingredient: terpinen 4 OL. This compound is founded in all Tea Tree Oil but with different concentrations, the more is the terpinen 4 OL the more is usefulness. When we made our research, we found out that the most powerful Tea Tree Oils are made in Australia.

Today we’re reviewing the 10 best Tea Tree Oil available on the market, I have selected some products with a very good quality that you may find useful.

Best Tea Tree Oil 2017

1- ArtNaturals Tea Tree Essential Oil – Pure Tea Tree Oil On Skin

ArtNaturals Tea Tree Essential OilThe ArtNaturals Tea Tree Oil is the most effective Tea Tree Oil in the market because it’s made in Australia it’s the perfect bottle every household should possess; it’s composed of Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes, Monoterpenes, and Oxides. When buying this product you won’t be risking your health and beauty since it is 100% natural.

Users were blinded by its magical benefits; it is the most powerful antiseptic for healing skin burns and skin irritation and dries up acne. Moreover, it reduces dandruff, fights nails fungus, refreshes carpets and bathrooms and also cures bad breath. This oil can be use with soaps, shampoos, cleaning masks and even cleaning liquids used in the kitchen, bathrooms and tile floors.

It comes in a large 4 ounce bottle which is dark to well protect the content from light that may decrease the efficiency of the oil, the label is green and the glass dropper is handful.

  • 100% natural tea tree oil.
  • Healthy benefits for your skin.
  • Good smell to purify the house.
  • A large bottle.
  • No additives included.
  • Affordable price.


The ArtNaturals Tea Tree Oil is a reliable, pure and natural product, once you try it you won’t be able to give up on it.

2- Radha Beauty Tea Tree Essential Oil – Take Off Skin Tags

Radha Beauty Tea Tree Essential Oil 4 ozThe Radha Tea Tree Essential Oil is another Australian, one hundred percent natural oil which is packed in the USA. It is made of the native Australian coastal trees and has a fresh aroma and antiseptic, purifying and healing properties. It is provided by 100% money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

This oil is an excellent remedy for acne; it reduces the bacterial and viral infection. In addition, it is ideal for wound healing and decreases pain, inflammations, rashes and eczema. Another strong point about The Radha Oil is that you can use it to make massages. Finally, the oil can be used to clean up kitchen, bathroom and woody surfaces.

The whole bottle is in blue written in white so as the light doesn’t penetrate inside the bottle. The glass dropper is useful for application. This oil can be used directly on skin or with beauty products such as body lotions, shampoos or soaps.

  • 100% pure natural oil
  • Produced through steam distillation
  • The best for massages
  • Great benefits for a healthy skin
  • Good smell to purify the air
  • Suitable price


Whether you’re looking for a healthy skin or a beautiful smell in your house The Radha Tea Tree Essential Oil is what you exactly what matches your needs.

3- Majestic Pure Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree Oil For Cuts

Majestic Pure Therapeutic Melaleuca Alternifolia Tea Tree Oil The Majestic Pure Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil is also pure Australian oil packed in USA, produced through steam distillation, it is very popular for its perfect relaxing aroma, and in fact it is used by most therapists and healthcare experts and users also are very satisfied with its smell.

The Majestic Pure Tea Tree Oils have numerous health properties; it soothes sunburns and regular burns, kills bacteria and viruses, keep insects and fleas away from your pets and bed sheets. Also it is the perfect acne, skin infection, mold, rashes and dandruff remover. Another quality is that it you can use it as a toothbrush cleaner as well as laundry freshener.

It is packed in a 4 ounce brown amber bottle with an easy dropper applicator; the label is white with a picture of Melaleuca leaves. You can use it in your skin care products, cleaners and detergents.

  • 100% pure natural Tea Tree Oil
  • Produced through steam distillation
  • Relaxing smell
  • Good qualities for skin infections
  • A purifier and disinfector
  • Large bottle and easy glass dropper
  • Affordable price


You should definitely give this exceptional Tea Tree Oil a try, it ensures effective benefits and beautiful aroma, and it’s considered as one of the most effective tea tree oils available in the market.

4- First Botany Cosmeceuticals Australian Tea Tree Oil – Best Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus

This Pharmaceutical Caliber Australia Tea Tree Essential Oil is 100% pure, natural and untainted, it is steam distillated from fresh leaves, non-toxic, no additives, no preservatives, unfiltered and undiluted with no artificial ingredients added to keep the product’s effective properties, and is also 100% guaranteed.

This Tea Tree Oil is known for its antiseptic benefits; it fights athlete’s foot, sunburns, wounds, rashes, tags, acne and more infections. Adding to that, it helps relieve asthma and aspiratory problems, moisturize skin and removes ticks. Also, it purifies the air, beds and clothes.

The amber bottle comes at the same quantity as the other oils mentioned previously with a glass dropper applicator and a suitable price. It can be used with lotions, soaps, shampoos, deodorants and cleaners.

  • 100% natural and pure Tea Tree Oil
  • 100% money-back guaranteed
  • Best remedy for infection
  • A natural purifier
  • A large size bottle
  • Produced by steam distillation
  • No artificial ingredient added
  • Suitable price


Overall, the First Botany Cosmeceuticals Australian Tea Tree Oil is one of the best reliable oils in the market that won’t disappoint you thanks to its natural and pure ingredients.

5- Essential Oil Labs Tea Tree Oil – Best Tea Tree Oil For Hair

Essential Oil Labs Tea Tree OilWhen you use this brand your skin will thank you. You’ll just feel that it’s healthy and smooth without leaving any dry places. It is 100% pure and natural and its innumerous antibacterial properties will blow your mind, and the results are shown right away.

This miraculous oil is the best for removing skin tags and rashes and prevents infections caused by piercings, wounds, burns and insects bites. In addition, you’ll like it right away when you use it with your toothpaste; your teeth will remain clean as well as smelling good. Also, it completely destroys dandruff and lice. Moreover, it is best used in cleaning kitchen and toilets and purifying your home.

It is packed in a dark bottle with a brown and white label and a glass dropper. It can be used in toothpaste and mouthwashes, added in body lotions, face creams, shampoos and footbaths.

  • 100% pure oil
  • Very high antibacterial properties
  • Good cleaning benefits
  • Quick seen results
  • Handful packaging
  • A drop applicator
  • Affordable price

6- Now foods Tea Tree Oil Melaleuca Alernifolia – Best Tea Tree Oil For Warts

NOW Tea Tree OilThe now foods Tea Tree Oil is a pure natural oil extracted by the steam distillation method from African Melaleuca leaves, it is much used in the aroma therapy to give the best relaxation; Its aroma is warm, spicy and potent that you can’t get enough of it.

You may think what makes this oil good since it’s not from Australia? Well, don’t underestimate the goods of it; it can heal small wounds, burns, acne, dandruff, rashes and skin irritation. Moreover, it removes skin tags, repels head lice, and fights fungus. The best thing about it is that it will relieve you from pain and inflammations within few minutes.

It comes in amber bottles from different size (1 fl. oz., 2 fl. oz., 4 fl. oz., and 16 fl. oz.) in a low price, however, the 4 oz. and 16 oz. bottles are not featured with a dropper insert. It can be used with different sorts of skin care products, or in a diffuser to purify the air.

  • 100% natural and pure oil
  • Extracted from African trees
  • Steam distillated
  • High healing capacity
  • Quick result
  • Various bottle sizes


Even though, the Now Foods Tea Tree Oil comes from the African Melaleuca Trees, its cleaning, purifying and renewing properties are good as much as the Australian ones.

7- Edens Garden Tea Tree Oil – Best Tea Tree Oil For Lice

Edens Garden Tea Tree OilThe Edens Garden is an Australian company specialized in Essential Oils it’s 100% pure therapeutic quality, it has 164 different oils and 10% of the revenues are donated to many organizations. There Tea Tree Oil has no additives or filters added it is non-toxic and is 100% natural and also has medicinal, fresh and camphor aroma.

This essential oil dries up acne, cures ring worm, removes mold and mildew, deals with nail fungus and athlete’s foot and omit all dandruff traces. It’s also good to mix it with other essential oils such as jojoba, almond and coconut oils and some lemon to freshen the air.

It’s packed in different sizes dark bottles with a green and black label and provided with a dropper applicator. It can be used directly on skin or with beauty products such as lotions and creams.

  • 100% pure therapeutic oil
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Treats various skin infections
  • Different sizes
  • Thin and clear texture
  • Essential oils Company


This company will provide you with the most reliable Tea Tree Oil as much as other oils with cheaper price, actually many consumers have claimed that it’s the best oil they have ever tested.

8- Eve Hansen Tea Tree Oil – Best Tea Tree Oil For Acne Scars

Eve Hansen Tea Tree OilThe Eve Hansen Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) is 100% pure, steam distilled and undiluted for the highest potency and bottled in the USA. Most healthcare practitioners and aroma therapist are using it.

Therapists claims that it is perfect when used in steam inhalation, moreover, it is the best to fight severe acne, eczema, dandruff, skin tags, cuts, lice, ringworms, vaginal infections and insects bites; however, the smell has some medicinal note.

The packaging is cute and very handful it is made with a glass dropper so you want leak too much content. The bottle is dark with a blue label written in white.

  • 100% pure oil
  • Steam distilled
  • The best for aromatherapy use
  • Offers the highest results
  • A helpful packaging


Using this product is with no risk; it is tested and approved for its potential benefits on skin. You really should give this Tea Tree Oil a try.

9- Sun Organic Tea Tree, Pure Essential Oil – Best Tea Tree Oil For Dandruff

Sun Organic Tea Tree Pure Essential OilThe Sun provides the user with 100% pure, unconditional manufacturer refund. It ensures you superior sourced and harvested ingredients which ensure a good quality and an effective result, this company claims that there Tea Tree Oil is the best and the most demanded on markets.

We bet that you never tried any other oil that smells wonderful as the Sun Organic Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil it has relaxing summer smell, adding to that it has effective benefits to your skin, and it deals with acne, dandruff, mold, fungus and more.

The oil comes in an amber bottle with a white labels and a drop applicator, you can find it in many sizes. You can use it on your skin or with soaps and shampoos; however, try not to apply it directly on your skin if it is sensitive.

  • 100% pure essential Tea Tree Oil
  • Superior sourced ingredients
  • A wonderful summer smell
  • Effective benefits
  • Beautiful packaging and a drop applicator
  • Different sizes


You may not find something really special about this oil, but it definitely offers good properties comparing to its low price.

10- Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil –  Best Tea Tree Oil For Skin & Scalp

HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY Tea Tree Oil Skin & Scalp TreatmentThe Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil is a natural ingredient and can be used as a natural preventative, for mild cases of Anhydroisis (dry skin). It is known for its great properties on skin and hair, and considered as one of the best Tea tree oils produced in USA.

This oil is known for repairing the dry skin as well as making your hair smoother since it is made of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, without forgetting its essential use: Fighting acne, dandruff, rashes, fungus, mold, and good oil for massages.

The only low point about it is the bottle which is not dark and really small you can use it for only one week, that’s why it’s preferable to use in lotions and shampoos so as not to waste it.

  • Natural Ingredient
  • Aloe Vera and Vitamin Oil included
  • Good for dry skin and hair
  • Great properties
  • Can be used with beauty products
  • Cheap price


The Sun Company provides its consumers with the best qualities for a cheap price so as everyone can offer himself the opportunity of having a healthy skin.

Buyer’s Guide – The Best Tea Tree Oils

While we were searching and looking for the best tea tree oils, we found many and various brands. The bests are made in Australia. All this oils contains the antiseptic terpinen 4 OL, what differs one brand from another is its concentration, so we followed the coming tips to choose the most effective ones.

How to choose The Best Tea Tree Oil ?

First of all, check the terpinen 4 OL concentration. The higher it is the higher it works. The concentration of this natural antiseptic is between 10% and 40%. Beware, some has sensitive skin and may get an allergic reaction if the concentration is too high.

Second, choose a dark bottle that would block the light from getting inside the bottle. When the terpinen 4 OL meets with light it oxidizes, become useless and increases the level of Para-cymene which will irritate your skin.

Also, never buy tea tree oil mixed with another oil such as eucalyptus or peppermints oils; otherwise the oil will lose its effectiveness. Always choose the 100% pure and natural one.

Concerning the price, it depends on the size of the bottle, and whether that oil is effective or not (look at the terpinen 4 OL).

What Are The Tea Tree Oil Benefits ?

  1. Healing acne and bacterial infections
  2. Fights head lice, dandruffs, earaches, halitosis, rashes, fungal infections
  3. Healing burns, wounds, and insects bite
  4. Freshening laundry, bed sheets and air
  5. Repealing insects
  6. Removing mold
  7. Cleaning the house
  8. Making massages
  9. Relaxing

How To Use The Tea Tree Oil ?

You can put it in a diffuser adding ten drops of lemon an 8oz of water and diffuse it all over your house or in your clothes and skin.

Always dilute it with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil before applying it directly to your skin

Add two or three drops into your body lotions, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, face creams.

NEVER drink the tea tree oil, even though you can use it to freshen your breath you should spit it right away so as not to have digestive problems or more.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Tea Tree Oil ?

The tea tree oil is known for not having any side effect. However, it’s advised to use it cautiously for those who have sensitive skin. If you have a sensitive skin, buy it with 10% or 20% concentration. Keep it away from your eyes, inner nose and the sensitive places from your skin.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

To conclude, the Tea Tree Oils is one of the best essential oils that would make your skin healthier and would rebuild your self-confidence as well. You can purchase it in cosmetics, local health food stores and even on internet sites.

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